Cleaford Hosting Service

At Cleaford Services we host quite a number of our own sites, on our own dedicated server.  We are using Apache web server software.

You are welcome to enquire about our hosting of your own site, but in general we are providing a commercial service only for smaller sites.  Have a look at some of the sites listed on the next page, and see what you think of the performance.

Having said that, we can see that we could usefully host short audio visual presentations that may be too large for your own conventional hosting.  This may appeal to charities especially, giving the opportunity to incorporate into your own site some visual material, but without using up too much of your normal hosting space.

To use this facility you would put a link on your own site to our server, and would send us your file to be placed on our server.

Contact us to discuss this further if you think it might be of interest.

We also provide a hosting service to enable travellers to watch British Freeview TV channels whilst abroad - just click here


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